Monday, September 17, 2012

Mondays are Busy

Today was our second gymnastics class.  Coop has been asking since last week when he could go back.  He loved it and had a great time.  We really talked it up to Park and tried to get him excited to go back and join the class.  I wasn't sure if he would go in but he did.  He really did a good job but had a hard time waiting his turn and doing some of the stations independently.  He's the youngest in the class and there is only one teacher so we are going to try one more week to see how he does.  It works out so much better though it they could be in the same class.
There is an upstairs viewing area so my pictures didn't turn out great.  I was proud of Cooper for helping Parker.  On the trampoline he was hugging him and telling him to wait.  He was telling him when it was his turn to jump.  He had fun though and listened well.  I was proud of him.
After school we went back to the barn for horseback riding.  Coop was up first and did great.  He was busy asking his teacher questions the whole time about the farm, horse, her family etc.  His preschool teachers call him Curious George because he asks so many questions.  That fits him perfectly because he is always talking and wants to know everyting.
While Coop was riding Baylor and I read books and did his homework.  When Bubby was riding Coop was busy playing with the barn cats.  He loves cats but that his one pet we will never have.  Tom is allergic to cats and Bax would go crazy.  He loves playing with them.
Baylor did great at lessons today and was busy trotting.  He worked really hard and was worn out after his lesson. We came home and ate dinner, took showers, and watched Monday night football.

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