Friday, September 14, 2012

InstaFriday: September 14

It's Friday again and I'm linking up for InstaFriday.  I'm really excited about the weekend and spending time with my boys.  It's a low key weekend here which is extra nice!
The costume tub was out most of the week.  The little boys have loved dressing up.  Parker loves wearing the animal costumes and Coop is basically a super hero or a power ranger.  He's all about saving the world.  Mr. Sawyer is just so cute in all of his hats.
 1.  Bubby and Coop playing together.
2.  Baylor has been wanting to play football all the time when Daddy gets home.  Football may be in his future after all.
 On Saturday night Tom and I went on a date with Baylor and Sawyer to Italian Gardens and then Target.  While we were eating we found out that it was the last night the restaurant would be open.  We were sad to hear the news, the food is so good.
 1.  Daddy let Baylor stay up to watch football and he fell asleep on the couch.
2.  Coop up at bat.
3.  The little boys started gymnastics on Monday.  Cooper loved it, but Parker wouldn't go into class, we will try again.
4. Coop has started an acorn collection.  He thinks they are very valuable.
5. Homework and snack time.
6.  Poor baby had to go to the doctor this week because he had an infected toe.  His skin grew over his toenail and he had to get on an antibiotic and soak it three times a day.  He weighed 11.6 pounds at the doctor.
7. Snoozing at Mimi's house.
8.  Babywearing Mommy.
9.  His poor toe.
 1.  His favorite part of the ball field is the concession stand.
2.  Love my fall snack mix.
3.  Mr. Elephant.
4.  Soaking his toes is nearly impossible.
 1. Waiting on the Bubby to get off the bus.
2.  This is what homework time does to Sawyer.
3.  Parker coloring at lunch.
4.  Playing peek a boo with his babies and cuddlies.
5.  Mimi and Coop at Cracker Barrel.
6. These two could be twins.
Can't get enough of this sweet baby!
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