Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coop's Wednesday Night Game

Tonight it was Coop's turn for a week night game.  He was excited to play again.
Every day he asks if he gets to play baseball or go to gymnastics today.  He is going to be sad when baseball is over.  It has been so good for him and he has loved it!
It's been so much fun to watch him this season.  I worried how he would do at first since he is the youngest on the team, but I clearly had nothing to worry about!

Before each game he will say I hope we are not going to vs. the Reds, they are the hardest team.  The funny thing is there is not a Reds team in his division.  He's heard Baylor talk about his division.
It was chilly tonight and Mimi had the food pantry so I stayed home with Parker and Sawyer and Daddy and Baylor went to cheer on our little slugger.  Pop came too on his way home from work.
He had great hits again and had fun.
He talks to the base coaches and cheers on his team the whole time.  I love to hear him say hey batter batter.  It's pretty adorable.
Great work!
Love this picture.
 Playing in the dirt in the dug out.

 He's a sweet boy.
 Great game Red Sox, love that dimple.
 He's so excited about everything.
 Little talk from his coach after the game.
And now he's headed to the concession stand, the best part about the game ending.

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