Friday, September 7, 2012

InstaFriday:September 7

It's Friday again!  Here's a look at our week through my Instagram pics.  I am loving Instagram and have so much fun with it during the week.  I love having my phone handy to take quick pics.
1.  The boys love shopping with Daddy way more than with Mommy.
2.  A little work in Daddy's office.
3.  Sawyer went on a date with Mommy and Daddy to Bravo.  He really enjoyed himself.
4.  On our date we went to Dick's and got the boys new bat bags.  They were excited.  Parker got his own mitt.
1.  I love his mouth.
2.  Cute little outfits.
3.  We survived our first week of travel.  I was nervous how it would got alone but thanks to Mimi, Pop and Miss Sarah we did great.
4.  Coop and his girlfriend.
5.  Coop got my phone and took about 50 pictures of himself.
6.  Baylor was Super Student and had to color this poster.
7.  Mama and Sawyer.
8.  He's found a way to watch the Ipad while showering.  Genius!
9.  His favorite sleeping position.
1.  So far he does great in his car seat.
2.  Parker gave him his baby so they could be friends.
3.  Sweet cheeks.
4.  Sawyer is the best part of folding laundry on the bed.
The hospital pictures came.  Can you tell which boy is which?
1. Snug.
2.  Three weeks old.
3.  Picture day.
4.  Katie Collier came to visit.
5.  It's a great day at Chick-Fil-A.
6.  Talking.
7.  Waiting for Mimi to pick him up for preschool.
8.  Daddy's home!!!!
9.  My first caramel apple shake of the season.  This also means it won't be long and they will have peppermint chocolate chip shakes!
1.  He loves to be held and lay on me.
2.  A bad habit that I enjoy.
3.  Coop said he's used to babies and can babysit for me.  He said there's a boy in his class that is allergic to babies though so he shouldn't watch Sawyer.
4.  A little Food Network before bed.

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Diane Freestone said...

Love, love, love the photos! Thank you for sharing!