Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to the Backyard

The boys have been begging to go camping again since our first time a few weeks ago.  Daddy promised them at the beginning of the week that Friday night was our back to the backyard night.  When Daddy got home we set up the tent and got ready to camp.
The boys got the fire ready.
Then it was hot dog time.  I love hot dogs cooked over the fire!
A fun and delicious dinner.
Sawyer snoozed inside while they had fun outside.
Eating good.
Mr. Smiley.
Tractor boy.
Then it was smore time.  Oh my are they tasty.

Daddy and Park slept on the air mattress together.  They all had lots of blankets and warm jammies since it was going to get cold at night.  

I tried to call Bax inside at night but he was standing outside the tent and whining to get inside, so he slept out all night with the boys too.
They all went to sleep pretty quickly and stayed out all night.  They had a fun fun night.  They were up early and Daddy took them to breakfast while I slept in with Sawyer.

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