Friday, September 21, 2012

InstaFriday: September 21

Camping outside.  Baxter actually made it all night in the tent.  I'm not sure I would want to have my head where Cooper's was by Bax.
1. Pea in a pod.
2.  Delicious cake pops from a mom in our Mops group.
3.  Sleeping partners.
4.  Baylor is out.
5.  Happy baby in the morning.
6. Sweet cheeks.
7.  I was on the hunt for candy corn M&M's.  I don't think I like them as much as I thought.
8.  Parker really enjoys his caramel apple.
9.  Pumpkin pie slush, delicious!
1.  Love sleeping baby pictures.
2.  Parker went into gymnastics.  They were stretching.
3. Racing like cars.
4.  We took Miss Sarah to McAllister's on her birthday and brought her presents.  We love her!
5. We started The Story with our small group, I am loving it.
1.  Baxter loved sleeping under the table when he was a baby, he still tries to fit still.
2.  Watching football with Daddy.  I'm not sure Sawyer was thrilled.
3.  Cartoons before school between the oldest and the youngest.
1. Ready for his first Mops meeting.
2.  A half smile.
3.  His new Spiderman shirt.
4.  Watching the new Jake and the Neverland Pirates episode with my Jake.
5. Watching cartoons after nap.
6.  Costume preview.
7. Cooper and Parker had PDO so Sawyer went shopping with Mimi and Mommy.  I was on the hunt for an outfit for the wedding.  I found one.
8. Parker watching T.V., he picks the weirdest positions.
1.  Pop took the big boys to see Finding Nemo 3D.
2.  Little football player.
3.  Chapter books put Sawyer to sleep.
4.  D is for Dragon.
5.  He wanted to wear his Denver Broncos shirt on D show n tell day.
6.  Pumpkin cream cheese muffins from Starbucks are my new obsession.  They are seriously delicious!!!!
7.  Sad baby.
8.  Saturday morning McDonald's time with Daddy.
9.  Getting him to love Target at an early age.
Sawyer wanted to be held and I needed to work on treat bags for the party so he hung out in the Moby.
1. We went to Miss Sarah's birthday party on Saturday night.  The boys loved seeing the puppies.
2.  He slept during the Colts game.
3.  Baylor and Miss Sarah.  It was her 21st birthday.
4.  Ready to read his fortune.
5.  Yen Ching's may be our family favorite restaurant.  He loves hot tea just like his momma.
6.  Worn out.

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