Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Parker's Special Day

 On Tuesday night when Pop got home from work Mimi and Pop picked him up for his special trip to the toy store.  When all of the boys are totally potty trained they get to go with Mimi and Pop and pick a ride on of their very own.  When Baylor was potty trained he picked his beloved Gator and then Cooper picked a red four wheeler so he would have one like Bubby.
Parker has been so excited and has been talking about his new four wheeler.  He was so happy that he got to walk around the store and not sit in a stroller.  He's been potty trained for a while but we've been pretty busy and had lots going on so it worked out perfect for today.
 He tried out several and this was his favorite.
 He loved that it was red and had a shovel.  The trunk was a huge selling point for him too because he could carry his cuddlies and babies around the yard.

 He had the back packed with items he picked out along the way.  He was a big shopper!  He thought he should get this stuff too.  He did get the Halloween ball and a new baby though.  His Mimi has a hard time saying no and loves him so!
 He got to go on the rides before leaving.
He was so happy!  I wish I would have recorded him when he got home.  He was so excited to show us he could barely stand it!  Daddy put it together and we got it charging so he could ride it the next day!

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The Gambrel Family said...

Totally adorable! What a special night with one on one time!