Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Games

Both boys had games again on Sunday.
Once again we were thankful for Mimi and Pop and their help.  Daddy coached Baylor's team and Pop stayed with Coop.
Mimi and I took turns waiting in the car with Sawyer so we could watch the boys too.  They have been wanting us to see them play!
Red lips from Powerade.
On deck.
Love those lips.
He was so funny when he was up to bat.  The coach was throwing the ball under hand and he was having a hard time.  He said wait a minute coach throw it over and then he hit it right away.  He just talks to everyone the whole time.
And he's off.
Go Pal!
Baylor had a great game.  He played catcher most of the game and did great.
Love his stance.
His team played the Pirates today and they won 19-5.  They all had a great game.  B had great hits!
He loves baseball.
Park watched in his stroller and had a ring pop and a slush.

Love him.  He has such a sweet heart.  He's been telling us lately how much he loves us and that we are the best mommy and daddy.
Great action shot Pop!
Tongue out!
Great Job team!
Another successful week of fall baseball.  They both are having a great time!

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