Friday, September 28, 2012

InstaFriday: September 29

It's Friday again!  The weeks are just flying by.  Next week is birthday week and party week around here, I can't believe this is the last Friday in September!!!
 1.  We've had some chilly days.  He got all bundled up to go on a Razor ride one evening.
2.  Looking good dude.
3.  A friend from church and Mops brought this fabulous soup for dinner on Monday.  It was so yummy!
4.  Parker was sick on Monday with the croup so he missed gymnastics.  Cooper did great.
5.  Sawyer clearly loves gymnastics.
6.  Cooper is so flexible.
7.  After gymnastics Coop wanted Steak n Shake.
8.  My date.  He says they make the best grilled cheese.
9. Another week at the barn.
 1.  The croup stayed around until Wednesday night and he was home.  He did lots of watching Mickey and Jake curled up on the couch.
2. Pluto Parker.
3.  Parker as Jerry.
4.  He was dipping his tomatoes in his syrup.  I wasn't sure if he was Peter Pan or Elf.
5.  To Infinity and Beyond.
 One day after school Baylor changed into Daddy's old little league jersey.
1. Sleeping baby.
2.  Ready for Girl's night out.
3. Jamie is his pal.
4. Arden and Sawyer were great at dinner.
5. Love him.
6.  Cinnamon rolls to help your throat.

 He spent two days with Mimi since Park was home sick.  He got his Halloween costume this week.  He's going to be Spidey.
He was practicing his moves.
1. I started a new book.  I love it so far.  I've been reading lots of Junie B. Jones with Baylor so an adult book is refreshing.
2.  6 weeks old already!
3.  Love his big cheeks.
4.  Baby legs leg warmers are so cute.
5.  A bath time without tears.
6.  He likes to lay at the end of the bed.
7.  I made frech dips from Our Best Bites.  They were great!
life rearranged

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