Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skim Boarders

Last night after dinner we went to the Beach Bazaar and the boys picked out skim boards. They couldn't wait to ge to the beach and try them out. Coop spent time working on his surfing postion.
Everyone was up early this morning so we headed to Yoder's for breakfast. It was delicious! After breakfast the boys and Daddy got a hair cut. We came home and then headed to the beach to try out our skim boards and play before lunch. It was a beautiful beach day. The water was so calm, we had so much fun.

Baylor was really good at standing on his board. He is so cute.

Daddy was showing him what to do. I have some great pictures of Tom trying not to kill himself.

Coop liked to stand on his board.

He also liked to sit on his board.

And lay on his tummy.

He was chilling on the raft.

The sky is so pretty.

My three favorite little boys in the entire world. I am so lucky to be their Mommy.

He's a good little kicker.

Coop loves the water.

He could live at the beach. He thinks he wants to be president or help sea turtles when he gets older. He used to want to work at McDonald's so we are moving up.

Under the Sea.

Baylor was pulling Parker on the noodle and he was saying choo choo. Parker was having the best time and was busy laughing up a storm.

We went to dinner at Capt. Curts. It was pretty good and the boys loved getting a frisbee with their meal and tatoos. They looks so cute with their hair cuts, Baylor didn't want a hair cut but we talked him into it! After dinner we got ice cream at the Orange Octopus behind Capt. Curt's. We have never been there and it was so good. I had orange pineapple and it was so delicious!

After dinner the boys played baseball with Tom.

Park and I went on a long walk and looked at the sunset.

It was a "Good Job God" kind of sight!

He's getting so big.

My three sons.

I love them so much.He loves sunset.

What a great place to play ball.Park was waving bye bye to the sun.

My big baby.

They boys also played with Ellie, Lauren, and Katherine.

They had so much fun.

Playing soccer before heading in to bed for the night.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Water Boys

The boys before dinner. We went to JoTo for dinner. Daddy loves to eat there and it is entertaining for the boys.
So Sweet.

Cooper was a big talker with the chef. He talked the whole time he was cooking and had a great time.

Baylor ate great and even tried all of the vegetables.

Parker was a little scared of the fire, but it was short lived.

Baylor had a great time jumping in the with the girls.

Coop worked on swimming practice with Daddy.


Daddy dug a big hole in the morning for a kitchen.

Always time for a popsicle break.

He loves pulling the boogie board around the beach.

Parker fell asleep on the raft with Daddy in the ocean.

It was a perfect beach day.

I tried to get him to keep his hat on but he kept throwing it off.

A cute beach baby.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Fun

It was a great night at the beach.
I love spending time at the beach in the evening and watching the sky after sunset.

The boys had fun playing baseball with Daddy.

We ate dinner at Phillippi Creek. It was delicious and the boys love all the fun stuff around they can climb on.

Baylor took our picture at dinner, he's our little photographer.

Parker was a great baby at dinner.

We sat right by the window and they fed the catfish which was fun for the boys. These two wanted to sit by each other and were quite loving toward each other.

Riding on the turtle.

He ordered shrimp and ate great.

Coop was determined to get the skim board to work.

He was quite determined.

The boys were so excited to see Ellie, Katherine, and Lauren at the beach. We have played with these three sisters for the past three years. They came early this year and we were so happy to see them.

They played all morning at the beach and then at the pool after lunch.

They were making cookies and went on several pirate cruises.

It's fun to see people year after year. The kids have so much fun.

He has been talking about getting his own skim board so when we go to the Beach Bazaar he is picking out his own.

He loves the sand and water just as muhc as his big brothers!