Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baylor's 2nd Game

I love when they give high fives to the other team after the game. I love that they don't keep score in the instructional league and can just focus on learning the game and having fun.
Good Game!

Jumping for joy because he is nice and dirty.

He is intent on watching the game.

Austin told him to get really dirty and make sure his pants were covered.

He took his advice and worked hard to get both legs covered.

I love seeing his name.

Ready to run!

Nice hit!

And he's off!

Seriously could Drew be any cuter!

Making a play.

I love this stance.

He had three big hits. We texted Daddy videos and pictures during the game since he was traveling. He hates to miss his games. Pop came to take pictures and Mommy cheered him on.

Getting ready.

I love his smile.

Great Job #6.

I sent these videos to Tom. The first one is Baylor batting and the second one is after the game. IT cracks me up because the other team is saying they won and Baylor keeps saying they don't keep score. If fits his Type A follow the rules personality.

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jamie said...

I had to watch the last video a few times...I was laughing so hard at Baylor! Too funny! Baylor, don't worry, no one was keeping score. In my mind Drew and you are always going to be the winners!:)