Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Picnic

All the kids had a great time playing and running outside.

It was nice and hot!!!
Coop thinks Grant is really cool and he is so sweet to Coop.

This is our 4th preschool picnic. At the current time with our three kids we will be at preschool for a total of 8 years. This was the first year that the picnic was outside because it is always raining.

The Buck Creek Fire Department always comes to show the kids the fire trucks, but today they got called to a house fire run as soon as it started. The kids liked watching the truck drive away with its lights on.

All of the kids listening to Mrs. Steele and saying prayers.

Taking a break.

Coop sat by Wyatt and Grant. Park sat in the stroller for a bit but then wanted out!

Cooper and Mrs. Steele.

Busy looking for bugs.

Future preschooler.

He was happy to be free.

He needed to sit for a spell.

Parker loves to play with big kids.

The water balloons were his favorite part.

Mrs. Skinner got all the balloons ready for the kids. She is so fun.

What a great way to end a fun year of preschool.

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