Friday, May 13, 2011

Ox Cart Boys

Red is cute with his crooked nose. Red and Blue are a team and have been together since they were four months old. They are so well behaved and the boys loved touching them and loading their wagon.
Coop took a little rest break.

Parker was busy checking Red and Blue out but didn't want to get too close.

I love being outside at Conner Prairie.

We watched them hitch up the wagon and then we had to get to work.

There were items from the store that needed to be moved. Lots of boxes and bags of all different sizes.

After it was all loaded we followed the oxen to the barn and then stopped to see other animals in the pasture.

In class the boys made their own oxen team and a wagon. Miss Mary read, Ox Cart Man, and the kids loaded their wagons with all the items listed in the book. I loved this book and it makes me think about my teaching days. This story was in the second grade reading book and I always loved it!

What fun!

After class we went back outside for more fun. It was a beautiful day.

The boys got to feed the pigs.

They were hungry little piggies.

They spent a long time in the carpenter's area. The Potter is moving his shop to a new spot.

Baylor even got to milk a cow.

Before we left for the day the boys got to plant beans at the Golden Eagle Inn.

On the way home we stopped at the Dippin Dot store to get a treat. What a great day!

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Emily said...

Chloe went on a field trip to Conner Prairie last week and LOVED it! :-)