Thursday, May 26, 2011

Parker Boy

Parker at 17 months you are busy, like super busy. You keep your mommy on her toes. You are fast and can crawl up the stairs in no time flat.
Parker likes to eat with a spoon and fork. He thinks he is a big boy.
He used to sit in his high chair for a long time but he has started hollering to get out. He is loud. Over the past few weeks he has started a high pitch squeal scream to get out. It is super loud.

Parker you are a good little shopper. He loves hats and liked this cute summer hat at the Christmas Tree Shop.

Parker is crazy for the broom. We had to hide it for him because he is always wanting to sweep and he knocks it all around.

He wore this Nemo hat all night the other evening.

I love it when he says cheese and give a big grin.

Here are some videos of Parker talking to me when we were playing on the screened in porch while the brothers were in nap/rest time. He has such a low voice, it cracks me up.

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