Friday, May 20, 2011

Maiden Voyage

Tom has been looking for a boat all winter long. He has spent hours searching ebay, boat traders, every possible site imagaineable for his perfect boat for our family. He has always been one who likes the hunt and he spent time looking for a boat. There were several I thought were going to be the one until he found the ONE. He is so excited!

Today was a beautiful day with warm temps so Daddy came home early from work so we could go on our first boat ride on the season.
The boys loved the boat, like really loved the entire time on the water.

Daddy spent lots of time on the water growing up and is excited to spend time with his boys.

Our little fish got in the water for a bit.

They were trying to catch fish off the back on the swim deck with ropes.

Parker so so good on the boat. His booster fits great in the seat and is a perfect place for him to sit.

Coop loves his life jacket and didn't want to take it off to eat dinner.

It was so nice to drive the boat to Bella Vita and eat dinner on the water.

Daddy brought the boat home last Friday and we had a little party on the boat in the driveway. It made me think of when I was a kid and I would beg my dad to bring a truck home from the dealership over the weekends so I could pretend fish off the back of the truck bed.

It is a pretty boat, if boats can be considered pretty.

Tom sold his Mustang this week and was sad to see it go but happy about the boat.

He was giddy showing us all about the boat.

Coop wanted to practice driving.

Our water boy was so excited.

I love his little cheese face.

There is lots of storage on the boat.

Back in March Tom and I went on a date night and found life vests for the family at Sams club. When we brought them home the boys wanted to try them on. Parker didn't want to take his off.

Baylor loved his blue vest.

Look at that face.

Such a great picture of everyone, too bad we are all wearing life vests.

Another great picture.

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