Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cooper's Preschool Promotion Program

When Coop was walking in he saw Pop at the door and went running to see him.
He spotted us.

Acting serious.

He waved to us lots.

He waved throughout the entire program.


The dinosaur song was his favorite he was really into the motions.

When they sang "The Wheels on the Bus" Cooper got to drive the bus. He had the bus moving on the stage.

So cute!

I was worried the bus was going to fly off of the stage.

During the promotion part of the program he was a little bored.

He said his shirt scratched him.

Getting his diploma.

Baylor went down to get him.

Our family on Coop's big night. We were so proud of him.

Mimi and Pop with Coop.

Park loved the ice cream.Cooper and Mrs. Steele, we love her!

He had a stack of special things to take home.

Coop loved the punch and ice cream.

He loved his new book from his teachers.

He was singing for us in the classroom.

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d_freestone said...

I love the joy on Cooper's face!!!