Monday, May 30, 2011

Water Boys

The boys before dinner. We went to JoTo for dinner. Daddy loves to eat there and it is entertaining for the boys.
So Sweet.

Cooper was a big talker with the chef. He talked the whole time he was cooking and had a great time.

Baylor ate great and even tried all of the vegetables.

Parker was a little scared of the fire, but it was short lived.

Baylor had a great time jumping in the with the girls.

Coop worked on swimming practice with Daddy.


Daddy dug a big hole in the morning for a kitchen.

Always time for a popsicle break.

He loves pulling the boogie board around the beach.

Parker fell asleep on the raft with Daddy in the ocean.

It was a perfect beach day.

I tried to get him to keep his hat on but he kept throwing it off.

A cute beach baby.

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