Sunday, May 22, 2011

Uncle Joe's Birthday

Joe with Mama and Papa.

Grandpa and Baylor.

My little brother, the grad school graduate.

Park opted for a Starkist. I said it looks like DQ was raided when you looked in mom's freezer. She stocked up at the buy one get one for five cents sale last Saturday.

Go Joe.

Baylor loves Uncle Joe so much. He misses him terribly when he's gone.

Mimi has a jar of fake lightning bugs and the boys were checking them out.

Joe and Baylor.

Coop and Joe.

Daddy and Baylor playing a little ball.

It's so cute to hear him say Joe.

We had a great dinner.

Since Joe's not home very much I always feel like I need to get lots of pictures of him when he is home.

He was noisy at dinner. We definitely kept everyone entertained.

Three generations.

Joe graduated from University of Maryland last week and we are all so proud of him. He's off to Santa Fe for another summer next weekend and we wanted to celebrate his birthday with him before he leaves. His birthday is on June 26 and I don't know how many years it has been since we have actually been with him on his birthday. He has been busy for so many summers now. Mimi had a great dinner and everyone loved the food. The boys loved the steak! After dinner we had presents and cake and spent time together. It is so nice to have Joe home, we are just trying to soak up the time with him.

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