Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reds Game #4

After game excitement, look at his sweaty head.
His little cheeks were so red.

Coach was saying he did great for catching a pop fly and making a double play. I love his little smirk. He played a great game.

This was by far our best game yet. Everyone one the team is doing great and has improved since game 1.

He had great hits again tonight.

Love his little face.

He's a fast runner.

He's super into baseball right now and wants to watch "real" games on T.V.

Drew hit great tonight and was so proud.

Just hanging out on base.

He's off.

One time he was at bat he hit the ball right by the coach and got him on his arm, Baylor didn't know what to do but everyone yelled run so he went!

Getting all set up with help from Daddy.

On the way to the game the car display said 90. Water was a must tonight!

I love him!

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