Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crafty Kid

Baylor is always making a "treasure" out of what most would consider trash. He has loved art class this year and is always wanting to make something and create. He is a hoarder and never wants to part with anything and his love of art has seemed to make this even worse. This is a fort he made for some of his super hero characters. He has also been busy with pipe cleaner art. He has made bracelets for about all of the kids in his class and started a little club. He works so hard on these projects.
Last week Mimi bought him some fabric pieces at Hobby Lobby. He has been making pillows and stuffed animals for people.

He can now thread a needle by himself and has worked on sewing some of his pillows. His room is a huge mess though and gives me anxiety when I walk in the door. He has clutter everywhere! I try to get rid of stuff when he is at school because he can't part with anything. He loves his art table but I think it has become a hub for more stuff.

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d_freestone said...

ALL RIGHT BAYLOR!!! I love the fact taht you are making pillows!!! Have mom take some photographs of some of them!!