Friday, May 27, 2011

Baylor's Last Day of Kindergarten

Baylor and Mrs. Rose.

Today was Baylor's last day of kindergarten. Where did the year go? It went by so fast and I can't believe he is now considered a first grader! He has loved school this year and has learned so much and made such nice friends.
Baylor and Mason.
He loves Mason and has loved sitting by him all year long.

Outside his room on his last morning.

He let me walk him in and take pictures. I know this won't happen for much longer. I'll have to take the pictures at home.

They made graphs about their favorite parts of the year. His favorite field trip was the pumpkin patch and his favorite party was the Christmas party.

Walking in for the last time as a kindergarten student.

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The Gambrel Family said...

This is so sweet and gets me all teary eyed.

It's hard to believe (even if everyone tells you) but they do grow up so fast. Really in the blink of an eye.