Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Fun

It was a great night at the beach.
I love spending time at the beach in the evening and watching the sky after sunset.

The boys had fun playing baseball with Daddy.

We ate dinner at Phillippi Creek. It was delicious and the boys love all the fun stuff around they can climb on.

Baylor took our picture at dinner, he's our little photographer.

Parker was a great baby at dinner.

We sat right by the window and they fed the catfish which was fun for the boys. These two wanted to sit by each other and were quite loving toward each other.

Riding on the turtle.

He ordered shrimp and ate great.

Coop was determined to get the skim board to work.

He was quite determined.

The boys were so excited to see Ellie, Katherine, and Lauren at the beach. We have played with these three sisters for the past three years. They came early this year and we were so happy to see them.

They played all morning at the beach and then at the pool after lunch.

They were making cookies and went on several pirate cruises.

It's fun to see people year after year. The kids have so much fun.

He has been talking about getting his own skim board so when we go to the Beach Bazaar he is picking out his own.

He loves the sand and water just as muhc as his big brothers!

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