Monday, May 16, 2011

Silly Safari Fun

Baylor got to hold the Ball Python.
Baylor and Grant.

All ready for the show to start.

Baylor, Jack, Park, and Coop.

Parker liked the Kinkajou.

They had so much fun and were entertained the whole time.

Amazon John has one wise old Owl. Whenever John would say or spell the word wings the Owl would flap his wings. When John would say eyes the howl would turn his head so we couldn't see his eyes. What a smart cookie!

The African Bullfrog was a big hit.

Grant got to go on stage and pet the Tarantula. He was a brave boy!

Grant is so nice to Parker.

Jen and Ethan came too.

Park kept saying "dog" over and over during the show, but he didn't want to pet Ellie Phant.

Baylor loved Ellie and stayed with her on stage while I cleaned up. There was a lots to clean up after the show.

The frog up close.

Petting the Tortoise and the Hare. Getting ready for race season.

Amazon John let Baylor hold Ellie's leash and walk her out.

He was in heaven. She is one sweet Great Dane.

This year at Mops I was a discussion leader and in charge of planning social activities throughout the year. We had an activity at least once a month for mom and their kiddos to attend. Today we had our final event for the year. We had Silly Safari's and Amazon John come to church for a live animal show. Amazon John always does a great job and is awesome with kids. He is funny, informative, and oh so much fun. We wanted this event to be an outreach so that we may have the opportunity to invite new moms to Mops for the next year. We made postcards and passed them out in the community and to friends. We really didn't know how many to expect but we had a great turnout. The joyland area was packed!! I bought 120 juice boxes and I know we went through at least 100. We also had zoo fruit snack and animal crackers. Amazon John brought with him a Great Dane, Kinkajou, Owl, American Alligator, Ball Python, Tarantula, Tortoise, and a Hare. After the show all of the kids had an opportunity to pet the animals and get an up close look. It was a little crazy but a great time was had by all for sure!

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