Saturday, May 14, 2011

Addi's 6th Birthday Party

Addi's birthday party was at McDonald's. He was so happy the whole time! He was dancing, singing, and laughing the entire time. My favorite part was when he sang Happy Birthday to himself, such sweet sounds!
Andi had an adorable candy bar for all the kids. My boys loved filling their bags with sugary goodness to take home. Some of my favorites were there too, gummy bears and Mike and Ike's.

Addi's 6!

Baylor was a good big brother and helped Parker on the slide. They had so much fun and the kids had the whole play area to themselves.

Gigi is adorable and is so sweet to her brother.

All of the kids got Happy Meals.

The boys got pirate hats and the girls had princess crowns. Oh what fun!

Baylor in his hat.

Andrea is so creative and had so many neat details to make the party special. I love her and am so blessed to have her in my life.

Addi's Mimi and Delainey.

Parker had fun with Molly and Gigi.

What a fun party!

Happy Birthday Addi!

Baylor with his treat bag.

Baylor and Addi!

Coop and Gigi

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