Monday, May 9, 2011

Diapers and Donuts

Jamie, me, Sarah, Nicole, Sarah, and Andrea.
All of the supplies we gathered for an orphanage in Ethiopia. We had around 340 cloth diapers, nappies, snappies, doublers, and rubber pants. We learned lots about cloth diapering.

We had donuts and fruit. The kids were happy about that.

Coop is in love with Maddy.

Jack, Drew, and Silas.

Sweet Elena was there too! She was dedicated at church yesterday, what a sweet baby.

Parker had fun playing in the play land. Miss Sarah watched the kids for us while we got everything together.

Baylor didn't get to help since he was at school ,but when we picked him up we headed to the post office.

The box was super heavy and Baylor helped me push it into the post office.

Since we read Radical my bible study group has been wanting to do service projects. Lots of us read blogs and have been touched by adoption blogs. We saw where one adoptive Mom was gathering cloth diapers for orphanages in Ethiopia. Many of the orphanages are so overwhelmed and do not have the basic necessities for babies. They often have to use plastic bags or go without diapers. The videos and pictures are truly heartbreaking. We all decided to gather cloth diapers and supplies and send them to this mother who then gets them to Ethiopia with adoptive parents. We gathered lots of great items and had a box full of goods that I know will bless sweet babies waiting for their forever families. It was a great day and I am so blessed to have these sweet friends to "do" life with.

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