Friday, May 20, 2011

Safari Day

Today was Safari Day in kindergarten. I went and helped Mrs. Rose and had a great time in Baylor's class. All of the kids got safari goggles and hats to wear for the special day.

Maddy checking out her goggles.

Lilly in her vest.

Baylor and Mason ready for a fun day.

Baylor and Maddy.

Amazon John came to school and brought lots of neat animals. He even brought different ones then when we saw him at church, but he did bring Ellie. She is the best dog. After the show the kids went on a Safari Hunt outside, worked on a few animal sheets, and played safari Bingo before snack. What a fun day.

He loved the show.

He did bring Fern the kinkajou again. She is so sweet.

He also brought a legless lizard, let me tell you it was GROSS! Baylor got to go up front and hold it, lucky him.

Amazon John is a wealth of animal knowledge.

He also brought a yellow headed African vulture.

He also had a ball python, African hedgehog, tarantula, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, Bubba the bullfrog, and the rabbit.

All of the kids got to pet them on their way back to the class.

Since the A.M. and P.M. class came in the morning I stayed with the kids seeing the show and saw it twice. Here sweet Sydney got to pet the legless lizard she was a little nervous.

Playing Bingo in the room.

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