Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spa Day

One of my Christmas presents from Tom was a trip to the spa.  We had a great time.  We joked that we had no idea what we were doing.  We got a massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure.  The spa was at the Conrad and it was so nice.  We definitely felt pampered!
We had to change into robes.  We looked hot!
It was such a fun day!
Thank you Tom!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ball Barn

For the past 12 weeks Baylor has gone to the Ball Barn on Wednesday nights to work on baseball.  He has loved going and it has been great for him to burn energy and have fun during the winter months.
They had a wiffle ball tournament on the last night and Baylor won a Baseball Trivia book.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sectional High School Game

Pop picked up Baylor for a special treat.  They were going to Center Grove to watch New Pal play in the Sectional game.  Baylor was so excited!
He was excited to have a special night!  Daddy was gone too so it made it even more special.

Love this boy!
He was excited about the treats.
Silly boy!
Go Dragons!
Pop took a picture of the cheerleaders just like old times.
Baylor with the Dragon.  A little blurry but cute.  The Dragons ended up losing by 2!
Such a fun night for Baylor and Pop!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Painting Pals

I went upstairs to put away Sawyer's clothes and I found this artwork on his wall right by the closet door.  Right away I called for the resident Picasso of our house, Parker.  I asked Parker if he did it, "No it was Sawyer".  Um buddy, he can't draw or hold a marker and write on the wall yet so... Okay it was me says Parker.
 Then he was painting a present for Mimi and he must have thought the paint was lipstick.  He is too funny!
 The boys were quite proud of their finished projects.
 They can't wait to give them to Mimi next week for her birthday.
Love these boys!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sawyer's 6 Month Well Visit

Friday morning was Sawyer's 6 month well visit.  We ended up having an ice day and school was cancelled but Mimi came and watched the other brothers and Tom took us to his appointment.  I was happy we were able to go to his appointment.  He is one happy baby.
Love those teeth.  
Sawyer weighed 21.2 pounds and was in the 95% for weight. He was 28 inches and was in the 98% for height.  His head was 44 centimeters and is in the 50%.  He is one big baby!  He had to get 4 shots, his first flu vaccine, and one oral vaccine.  He was not happy but as soon as I picked him up he was good to go again.
Dr. Greenfield thought everything looked great and she was happy with his progress.  We need to work on sitting up all by himself and rolling the other way, but I know it will come with time.  I'm in no hurry and enjoying all the baby time I can!
He loved his new book from Dr. Greenfield.  It was tasty too!
So thankful for a great appointment.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Huskies vs. Hoosiers

 Upward basketball is coming to an end.  This was our second to the last game and Baylor was excited.  We were playing the Hoosiers.  One of his best friends in his class is on this team and they talked about the game all week.  I think it was more about who was going to win:).
 They were all ready to play!
 Baylor had a great game!  He scored 28 points and had 22 rebounds.
 Go Baylor!
 It was fun to watch.
 The Huskies kept the lead the whole game but it was close at times.
 The Huskies won 48 to 40.
 Only 1 week left and then it's on to basketball season.
 Baylor has loved basketball and now wants to play at home all the time and watch it on T.V.
 I really enjoy watching him play.
 So fun.
 Great Job Huskies.

Friday, February 22, 2013

InstaFriday:February 22

Another week flew by! Here's a look at our instagram pictures from the week.  I love instagram!
1. Sweet boy sitting in his stroller like a big boy out of the car seat.
2. Brothers playing basketball, spring come quickly!
3. Sawyer watching his brothers play. 
 1. Sweet pea.
2.Snoozing baby in a swim suit, love his ankle rolls.
3. A hotel room with a baby and other children is tough.  He woke up crying at 2:06 and would not go back to sleep.  I didn't want to wake the other boys so we went to the bathroom and the bright light had him up and ready to play.  I held him for close to an hour and a half and he finally went back to sleep. It was a long night for mom!
4. During nap Daddy took the big boys to the arcade.  Coop won 1,000 tickets on the big wheel.
5. Wow!
6. They had a great time.
7. We love Great Wolf.
8. He loves swimming.
9. Cooper is so strong and so determined.
1. Love his cheeks.
2. This lunch made me smile and excited for summer!
3. Baylor had Jog a Thon at school.  He was excited for his certificate, he ran 18 laps!
4. I'm obsessed with sleeping baby pictures.
5. Coop helped me clean the floor.  He's a great helper.
9. Baylor came home excited about music class and wanted to download this song.
1. Eating is hard work.
2. Coop got to stay up late since we had a delay and he fell asleep on the couch with Daddy.
3. 6 month well visit.
4. I could eat him up!
5. Hi Chickadee!
6. Fresh hair cuts after church.
7. Pals playing together. Daddy was on the floor too.
8. Love him.
9. First time sitting in a high chair at a restaurant and eating too.

Baylor's Night at the Pacers Game

Tonight was Baylor's night to go with Daddy to a Pacers game.  He was so excited! This boy has recently become hooked on basketball, he wants to watch any game that is on T.V.  It's fun to watch him get excited about sports and games.
 When he passed Math Club Daddy told him he could pick a new pair of shoes.  It was his turn to shop.  He wanted a pair of Jordan's.  He had several to decide between, oh the choices.
His final decision.  He had to put them on right away.  He was running around and had a bounce in his step.

 All smiles.
Then it was time to head to the game.  
 During the day Tom was given two more tickets so Coop and I were able to go to the game too.  Coop was my date for the night.  We had fun sitting together.
 Baylor and Daddy got to sit together in a suite!  Baylor was beyond excited.  He loves spending time with his dad, he is crazy about him.
 Cotton Candy!
 The Pacers were playing the Pistons.
 The dessert cart came by the suite and Baylor picked Smores cake.  Yummy!
 We got shave ice at half time.  It was so good!
Baylor got to pick a prize at the game and he picked the Pacer basketball goal.  He couldn't wait to put it up on his door in his room.  The Pacers came away with a big victory 114-81.
Baylor said it was a great night!  He had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed the basketball game.