Sunday, February 17, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge Part 1

For Christmas Mimi and Pop got Tom a 2 night stay at Great Wolf Lodge.  We were so excited to use this and spend time as a family.
The long weekend was a perfect time to go.  We drove to Great Wolf on Saturday after Baylor's basketball game.
They could not wait to get to the water park and start swimming!
All of our boys love the water and are water babies.  They love to swim!
Baylor wishes we lived somewhere warm so we could swim year around, me too buddy!
As soon as Park walked in he said, Oh I love this place.  I think he forgot what Great Wolf Lodge was but remembered once we got there.
Sawyer's first time wearing a suit!
Love his smile.
Happy boy!
I love his rolls.
Coop the fish.

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