Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 6 Months Sawyer

 Happy 1/2 Birthday Little One!
It's hard to believe you are already 6 months old.  
 You have brought us so much joy!
We are crazy about you.
 You are a big boy!  You are growing like a weed and keep growing out of your clothes.  You are mainly wearing 9 months, 6-12 months, or 12 months clothes.  You are also so long!
 You are really too big for this scale, but I think you are around 20 pounds.
Such a doll baby.
You have the sweetest laugh.

 Love your smiles.
 You have two teeth.  I think more are on the way because you are drooling like crazy.
 Playing in your room.
 You roll over right away to your tummy and then get made when you can't get back on your back.  You are trying to sit up but you fall forward.  
We love your Sawyer Joseph!

Sawyer you are such a sweet baby.  You are easy going and like to be around people.  You get so excited when you think I am going to pick you up or you see me come in the room.  You are definitely a Mommy's boy.  You love to watch your big brothers play and think they are funny too.  Cooper is so nice to you and plays with you all the time.  He's always singing to you or bringing you toys.  You have also become pals with Baxter.  When he shakes, scratches or sneezes you think it's the funniest thing.  You love to watch him and have started to grab for him.  He likes to lay next to your bouncy seat and you often snooze together.  You are doing great eating baby food.  You love cereal and have tried several fruits and vegetables.  You love all your fruits and prunes and bananas are your favorite.  You love carrots, squash and sweet potatoes.  The peas and green beans make you gag and you make the most awful face!  You love to play with your toys.  They go right in your mouth.  You are drooling like crazy too!  Those two teeth you have are very sharp.  They put an end to your thumb sucking too.  You will take a deedee once in a while but they aren't your favorite either.  You love the jumper and are so cute when you are bouncing up and down.  You love when I sing to you and will play with my hair or touch my face.  You also kick your legs to the music.  You are grabbing for toys and want to get your hands on whatever we have.  You are such a fun happy baby.  You rarely cry and are such a joy!  We are so blessed by you.  Happy 1/2 birthday sweet baby boy!  We love you!!!!

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