Friday, February 15, 2013

InstaFriday:February 15

 1. Launching rockets are Conner Prairie.  Parker was loving this!
2. My stud muffin in baby leg warmers, I love them!
3. A little archery practice.
 Baylor had a little bit of a hard time when Cooper went to the game with Daddy.  We tried to have a fun night at home together.  We made crystals with a set he got from Christmas.  We also put together his treat bags for his class party.  
 Garage progress this week was exciting to watch.
 1. Tom brought home Garrett's popcorn.
2. As long as he's touching me, he sleeps great.  Just following in his brother's footsteps.  I officially flunked sleep training four times.
3. Sleeping pals.
4. My muffin helper.
5. Super baby.
6. My tasty lunch that Cooper said looked like leaves.  He was not too sure.
7. Alphabet Dice.
8.  Parker loves his Jake ship.
9.  Coop got a shark model set from Mimi and Pop for Valentine's Day.  He made his molds and then got to paint them.
 1. Valentine visit with Mimi.
2. Jamie got me this book this week.  I am so excited!  Can't wait.
3.  Valentine goodies for my loves.
4.  When I had girl's night out he had a rough night with Daddy.  He cried for over an hour, but was asleep when I got home.
1. I'm crazy about this baby.
2. My muffin helper another day.  Look closely at his hand!  Mom of boys!!!!
3.  He didn't like a deedee, but for some reason he always puts Sawyer's in his mouth.
4. He's not allowed in our room, but Baylor and I were laying in bed watching basketball and he was crying at the door, so...

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