Friday, February 8, 2013


 1. Sawyer loves sitting in his high chair.
2. Family dance party.
3. Best part of Bubby's games, the concession stand.
4. Blue eyes.
5. Date night!  We need this and I love spending time with him, he is my best friend!  We went to see Zero Dark Thirty and to eat at Longhorn.  We had a fun night.
6.  I never tire of watching him sleep.
7.  The littles before church.
8. More sleeping poses.
9. Coop ordered new "high heels" also known as high tops with his own money and they came.  He was so excited!
 Valentine cuties with their Valentine treats for their teachers.  I found cute heart cups at World Market and filled them with goodies.
1. Baylor's door for the Super Bowl.
2. He made this hat to wear for the Ravens.
3. Getting ready for kdg. testing.
4. Garage progress.
5. Coop to the rescue all on his own.  I was making dinner and Sawyer was crying in his high chair, Coop  came and kept him happy for me.  He is a big helper.
6. One more math club practice before getting on the bus.
7. Little frog.
8. Mom and I went birthday shopping and we ran into Charlene.  We miss her.  Mom and Char talked while I tried on clothes.
9. When mom is by herself at night it wears us all out!

 1. His cheeks!
2. Daddy had a surprise for Coop.  He texted me this picture to show Coop to tell him he was going to a Pacer's game with Daddy.  He thought this picture was so funny.  He kept saying did I really do that?
Working on Valentine cards and treat bags.  I'm in charge of both parties so we wanted to be ready.
It was a busy week!  I'm so glad January is over, closer to spring!

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The Gambrel Family said...

Oh I'm glad you made it to world market! They have so many fun things in that store, I could look for hours!!