Friday, February 1, 2013

InstaFriday: February 1

Here's a look at our week from my phone pictures.  I love having these sweet everyday moments captured.  Just real life with my boys.
1. After a week of travel, Daddy is home and we are all thrilled.  These two are super pals.
2. Love snuggling with him!
3. All clean.
4. The icon for Sunday's weather, I'm not sure?
5. I just love to watch him sleep.
6. Sweet boy.
7. Playing.
8. He's been wanting to buy "high heels", also known as high top basketball shoes.  He counted all of his change and money and he had $78.99.  He's so excited.
9. Love this baby!
 1. We had two days of spring like weather, THINK SPRING!
2. Coop, the baby lover, sat by Gabrielle and helped feed her.
3. I love seeing the bond form between Ethan and Parker.  They are so cute together.
4. Big boy.
5. We had a big box from Von Maur on the porch and each boy had a present.  They got the softest bunnies ever from Mimi.
6. Love his bottom.
7. Bax and Sawyer playing together.  Bax likes to look at himself in the mirror.
8. Maddy and Drew got on the bus at our house one morning.  They were all watching cartoons before the bus.
9. I decorated for Valentine's Day.
1. Parker is so funny!
2. I love helping in Baylor's class.
3. Went to the Home Show with Mimi.
4. Loved seeing spring flowers.
5. His laugh just makes my day.
6. My passport came!
7. Mr. Frog.
8. A library date with Coop.
9. Playing with his bunny.

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Tiffany said...

Don't you love IG?! It's my fave. What is your name on there? I would love to follow you and see all the pics of your adorable boys. My name is tjbaker14.