Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Open Gym Fun

Today after preschool we went to eat lunch with Jen and her kids and then headed to open gym.

They were excited to run, jump, play and exert energy, they have tons!!!!  Parker is so loud!  I was happy for some indoor excitement for him.
Cooper has been missing gymnastics class so this was perfect for him.  We haven't started back up since Christmas and I think he's really missed going.
Indoor swinging.
Being a monkey.

Parker in the pit.
Sawyer was so good!
Miss Gabrielle is a walking pro!

Jump Ethan!
Parker is sweet with Miss G.

Big girl on the balance beam.
Brave boy on the big beam.

Jumping in.

Going on a ride.
Sweet boy.
We had fun and everyone came home and took a great nap.

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