Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Night

Tom was gone on Valentine's Day so Mimi and Mommy planned a fun night for the boys.
We met Pop at Chuckie Cheese to play and for dinner.
It was actually really crowded.  Lots of other families were there with their love bugs.
The boys were so excited!
Places like these make me realize even more how much older Baylor is getting.  He wanted to play basketball and football the whole time.  He's so fun.
Go Coop.
Parker cracks me up.  He is one busy dude!
Love this sweetie.
Mommy and Baylor.
Go Baylor.
Playing skeeball, my favorite.
Racing Pop.

Mimi had a special ticket for the boys to go in the ticket blaster.  Parker wanted to go first and all alone.  He was shy with us all looking at him.
So cute!
Coop and Mommy went together.

Pop went with Baylor.
It was so much fun.

They got lots of tickets.
Sawyer slept the whole time which made me feel good since it's a little germy there!
Mimi and Pop came home with us and helped with showers and bed.  We had a great night and were so thankful for Mimi and Pop and all their love and help.

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