Friday, February 1, 2013


 Instagram is quite possibly one of my favorite things right now.  I love that it feels small and I love seeing pictures of my friends and their cuties during the week.  It can be addicting too, so I have to limit my usage:). Today we met up with new and old friends from Instagram.  It was our Instalunch!  We met at the new El Jaripeo.
Coop was busy with my camera, he took several of Jamie and Sawyer.
He was busy being the photographer.

We had 9 adults and 7 kids.  The kids did so well!
How cute is Ellie!  Love those big brown eyes and her lashes.
Playing a game.
Amy, Sarah, and Carrie.
Codi, Trisha, Jamie, and me.
Nicolas, Jonah, Jack, and Coop.
It was a fun lunch and I am looking forward to getting together with these great ladies again!

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