Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baylor's School Valentine's Day Party

On Valentine's Day I volunteered in Baylor's class in the morning and then stayed for lunch.  We ordered pizza from Mama Nita's for lunch and brought it to his friend Jack and Maddy too.
Love these two!  They had dessert pizza too.
Had fun eating with Baylor and his friends at lunch.
Then in the afternoon I came back for his class party.  I was in charge of the party and we played several Minute to Win It games.  They were a huge hit.  The first one was stack the conversation hearts.  We also played a chopstick game where they used two pencils like chopsticks and tried to transfer the hearts from one plate to the other.
The next game they had to tear a heart out of construction paper behind their backs without peeking.  They were funny to watch and really had some great hearts.
For snack we had Dilly Bars, heart cookies, and Gatorade.
Working hard.
Tearing hearts.
They also had a partner and had to throw pompom balls into red cups and see how many they could get in one minute.

They had to put a cookie on their forehead and get it to their mouth without touching.  We also played a game where they had to make words out of the letters in Happy Valentine's Day.  They also made a craft that was a love butterfly and held a sucker.
We ended the party with a game of Valentine Jingo.
Jingo is always a hit.

I had a great time with my big boy in his class!

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