Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Build A Bear

We were ready to get out of the house and Mimi needed to get a few things at the mall so we tagged along.
We ate lunch at the food court and did some shopping.
Mimi told the boys they could go to Build A Bear and they were thrilled.  They love it there!
Such a good baby checking it all out.

Park picked a Jaguar like Diego and Coop picked a little puppy.
When Baylor got home he did his homework and then got right to work on a cardboard creation.  He was making a house.  He loves to make things out of cardboard and use the hot glue gun.
I went out to dinner with friends for Nicole's birthday and Tom texted me this picture.  He was hoping he would sleep for a long time, but it didn't happen and he actually had a rough night while I was gone.  
We had a fun night at Cheesecake Factory celebrating Nicole.  So thankful for these friends!

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