Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Party at Conner Prairie

 Today we went to a Valentine Party at Conner Prairie.
 Parker was excited to go.  He is getting so much better at sitting quietly during the story and singing part of the prairie tykes class.  He had fun.
 Playing a music game.
 They made a thumb print card, a heart wreath, and a heart tree.
 Mimi helped Coop.  Coop thinks he is getting a little too big for these classes:).  He's been going since he was 2, well really since he was a baby and Baylor was in the class.
 Park loved using the glue stick.

 Coop's wreath.
 Playing a heart game.
 Stick the heart on the pig's nose.
 Ring toss.
 Park was determined to get the heart in just the right spot.
 Heart toss.
 They got to decorate a cookie for snack.
 Sweet boy.
 Music Time.
 Having fun.
Love this boy!

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