Thursday, January 31, 2013

Embrace the Camera: January 31

This morning I spent the day volunteering at Baylor's school.  I love seeing him during the day and helping out in the classroom.

 Coop got to skip nap/rest time today and we snuggled and read in the chair.  He was also busy looking at shoes on my computer.
 Playing with Mr. Happy on the bed.  He was giggling and smiling.  Love this baby!
 Parker loves making silly faces and taking pictures on my phone.  We were snuggling in bed and watching a little Jake before he was off to sleep.  
Love spending time with these boys!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Baxter Scare

We have had two warmer days here.  Today the high was 55 and it was sunny in the afternoon.  Looking at the weather for the next few days I knew this would be our only chance to get outside.  After preschool we came home and ate and played.  Before nap we decided to go on a walk.  Bax was outside chasing his squirrels but wouldn't come in so I went ahead and got the boys all ready.  Park and Sawyer were buckled in the stroller and Coop was right by me.  When we were leaving Bax ran to the front yard.  He stays outside with the electric fence alot on nice days so I was just going to let him stay out.  As soon as we left the driveway Bax started whimpering and crying and then ran full speed out of the fence and did not stop.  I immediately started to panic.  He has never ever left the fence before!  I tried to call him but he would not stop.  I had my phone and quickly called Mom since he was running towards her street.  Then I tried Tom but he would not answer so I text " I need help" and then he called right back.  He said I'm on my way.  Immediately Coop started crying and kept saying, "I'm never going to see him again".  It was very scary.  Coop ran inside for a piece of cheese and his leash.  Then we started down the street.  Park was upset and Coop was hysterically crying and I was praying that Bax would be okay.  I was worried he would get hit by a car if he ran to 700.  Thankfully we got to the stop sign and Mom called.  She went out to the driveway and started calling for Bax and he ran right up her driveway and right past her into her garage.  He's been to her house so he knew where to go.  She shut the garage and had him, I was so relieved!!  Then Coop was crying because we didn't go on a walk so Mimi took the littles home and I took Bax and Coop on a walk.  Tom was already on his way home so he was able to check the fence.  He changed the battery and tightened the collar and I think he's fine now.  I was so thankful we got him back!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This morning we had Mops and then we headed to the Eitljorg with Jen and her kids and Mimi.
The kids all have a great time together and once again we were the only ones there!
With all the sickness that seems to be going around I prefer to play alone!  Somehow, we have all managed to stay healthy all winter.  I even hate to say that!
Ethan says Parker is his best friend.  How sweet!  Parker loves playing with Ethan too.

Building the wall.
Playing music.
Calling Daddy.

Tea time, my boys are crazy about Miss Gabrielle.  I'm sure she wishes they would just leave her alone sometimes.  They can't get enough of her!
Eating lunch.  Parker's hair was sweaty from playing so hard.
Coop wanted to sit right by G and help her eat.  He loves babies especially girl babies.

Then it was back to play a little bit more before we left for naps.  
The one thing about still pictures is you can't hear what's going on.  Trust me when I say Parker is being loud in every picture.  We are working on using a soft voice and not yelling every word but man is it a struggle.  It's like he only knows how to be loud, could be the cause of my continual headaches!
Coop is such an easy guy to take along.
We wore Sawyer out!
We had fun playing with Ethan and Gabrielle and enjoyed our time at the museum.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Parker's 3 Year Well Child Visit

 Our big 3 year old had his well child visit.  He was so funny!  He was showing me his big muscles while we waited to see Dr. Greenfield.
He played on the Ipad while we waited and Sawyer was talking away in his stroller.  
 Parker weighed 37.7 pounds and was 39 inches tall.  He was in the 95% for height and weight.  He is a big boy!  He got a new book from Dr. Greenfield and was all smiles.  He did great when she was asking him questions, he's quite the talker.  He's loud too!

Yeah for being 3!  We were thankful for a great visit and our happy healthy three year old!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Huskies Game 3

 Week 3 for the Huskies.  I love how they introduce the players each week, the players are so excited!
 Sawyer clearly found the excitement overwhelming!
 Baylor had a great game today!
 He puts forth 100% the entire game.

 It's fun to watch him have fun and enjoy playing basketball.
 He had 10 points, 16 rebounds, and 1 blocked shot.
 Sweet baby cheeks.
 He scores!
 Go 14!

 Pop is our sport's photographer!
 His team won 38-29.

 He woke up!
 Mimi stayed with Mama so Papa could come to the game. Papa enjoyed watching Baylor and had fun with the other boys.
 He plays hard the entire game!  Way to go Huskies!

Friday, January 25, 2013

InstaFriday:January 25

 1. Sawyer loves looking at himself in our big mirror.
2. Digging for dinos.
3. Digging fun from Mimi.
4. A treat before the fast.
5. Sawyer isn't sucking his thumb as much since he has teeth but every once in a while.
6. He was worn out.
7. More napping in the sun.
8. I love taking picture of him asleep.  He's almost taking up the whole pack n play.
9. Little elephant.
 1. Eating is hard work.
2. Coop is so sweet with Bax.  They were both laying by the door looking at the backyard.
3. A mommy sandwich.
4. Pals.
5. 100 day at school.
6. 5 days of working out in a row.
7. My stretching partner.
8. Movie night with popcorn.  We watched Pete's Dragon, they loved it.
9. Baylor has two goals for this semester pass Math Club and States Club.  I have been playing States Bingo with him.
1. I was cleaning up the kitchen and had just fed him and I turned around and he was out.
2. Mom and I went to see this movie, it was good.
3. I needed this mug with Tom gone all week.
4. Passing the Valentine candy at Target was hard during the fast.
 1. Jammie day at preschool.
2. Woke up to snow flurries.
3. So thankful that Mimi did the preschool drop off so this little one could sleep in and stay warm and cozy.  Love to watch him sleep.
1. Saw this Harlem Globetrotter at the mall and Parker was amazed  He kept saying he's so tall.
2. Late night cuddles with Sawyer.
3. Baylor worked out with me too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baylor Buddy

I spent time working in Baylor's class today.  He likes me to come in and I want to try to come in as much as I can because I know there will be a day when he doesn't like me to come and volunteer.  He says he wishes I was his teacher which is pretty sweet.  I worked with different reading groups and then helped kids with two digit addition and subtraction.  I really enjoyed working with the kids, some days I really do miss teaching.  I really like being able to be with Baylor during the day.  I miss my big boy while he is gone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playdoh Pals

We had a day at home to play and work at home.  It's been cold here so it was nice to spend time inside!
Parker and Cooper spent hours playing play doh together.  Coop is so nice to him and is a peace maker.
Parker got this candy maker play doh set for Christmas and they loved playing with it.
Coop was making lots of little candies and then they set up a little shop to sell them.  He picked out his workout clothes so he could work out!
Counting his candy.
Coop was helping Parker.
Fun times inside on a cold day!