Friday, January 18, 2013

InstaFriday: January 18

1. Drew and Maddy rode home with Baylor on the bus on Friday.  The kids had fun together.
2. These two make me smile.
3. Sawyer watching cartoons on Saturday morning.
4. First basketball game of the season, Go Huskies!
5. Snack time at the basketball game.
6. Brick Expo.
7. Saturday brought awesome weather.  I took Park and Saw on a walk with Bax.
8. We stopped and Mimi's house and Park had an ice cream bar.
9. These two were worn out.
1. Little one before church.
2. Great big brother holding Saw at breakfast after church.
3. For bible study we had breakfast for dinner, Park helped me cook.
4. The little brother.
5. Baylor's Atlantis Lego set he built.
6. I love to watch him sleep.
7. Baylor has to make his bed and bring down his dirty clothes each morning before school.  He has gotten really good at making his bed.
8. I though the dog was just laying in the sun, oh yes but he chewed up my extra batter charger in the pink basket:(.
9. I could eat him up.
My boys all at 5 months old.
1. Baylor
2. Cooper
3. Parker
4. Sawyer
1. Eating squash for the first time.
2.  Coop cleaned up after dinner and did the dishes without being asked.
3. We took dinner to two family on Tuesday night.  Parker helped me make three pans of shells.
4. Last night as a four month old.
5. Talking with Papa.
6. Sitting in his high chair for the first time.
7. The roof trusses are here!
8. Watching.
9. So exciting.
1. They begged me not to cook, they all wanted peanut butter for dinner with a side of grapes, tomatoes and crackers.
2. Eating.
3. Reading with Baylor before the bus in the morning.
4. Sawyer loves looking in the mirror in our bathroom.
Garage progress this week.

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