Friday, January 18, 2013

Inside Fun at Conner Prairie

 Today Coop had preschool and afterwards we picked up Mimi and headed to Conner Prairie.  They have set up a new science discovery center in the big center atrium.
 The boys loved it!  This man spent so much time with the boys and went over everything with Cooper.  At this station you could make your own hot air balloon like the big balloon that is outside Conner Prairie.
 Coop's balloon.
 So neat.
 Science is fun.
 They also have all of these new building pieces that are awesome.  Parker loved it!  
 He had the best time.
 They built a track you could roll a ball down.
 Park did this over and over again.
 They also played inside the discovery center.  Parker had fun playing farm.  I enjoyed my one on one time with him.  I think 3 may be one of my favorite ages.  He's loud and busy but so much fun and has the cutest expressions and I love to hear him talk.
 Coop weighing and measuring lots of different objects.
 They could also test is objects would float or not.  He thought this was all great.  He wanted to stay in the science area the whole time.  I love Conner Prairie!  My boys love it and learn so much and I feel like it is less crowded and a little less germy, especially at this time of year.  We are fortunate to live in Indy where there are so many great museums and places for kids.
 Sawyer boy.
Fun time was had by all!

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