Friday, January 11, 2013

InstaFriday:January 11

1. A Gummy wonderland.
2. Sleepy boy.
3. Sam's Club stock up day.
4. First bites.
5. Happy boy before church.
6. Parker's job was to put the wipes away, this is what I found in our room.
7. His lips.
8. Bax was stretching.
9. We took a meal to a family on Monday and Park was my helper.
1. Jenga before bed.
2. Catching flies.
3. Little penguin.
4. Bax loves to nap in the sunshine.
5. I "wove my bruder".
6. Bax was scared of the balloon.
7. I'm going to go skiing too.
8. I love to hold him when he's asleep.
9. Playtime for the little two.
1. Baylor's class Christmas party.
2. Another spot in the sun for Bax.
3. Baylor went he was 2 in his Notre Dame jersey.
4. Hi little one.
5. Before the big Notre Dame game, the outcome was sad!
6. He was telling me a big story after his bath.
7. He was a puppy playing in a big blanket fort in the game room.  He was the Mommy puppy and I got to be the Daddy puppy.
8. My nap time reading.
9. Parker wanted to wear his backpack on one shoulder just like Bubby.
 1. Some pregame dance moves.
2. We had to have some cabinets adjusted and Parker was very interested in everything that was going on.
3. Breakfast buddies.
1. Little snowman baby.
2. My first charm came in my Lisa Leonard charm bracelet, another great present from Tom. I love it!
3. Coop's room after nap time, I don't think he napped.
4. Park wants his hair like Johnny Test.

1. I hate waking a sleeping prince.
2. Dino baby.
3. Dinner success found here, Crocktober.
4. Making cupcakes, I love his grin.
5. Taste testing.
life rearranged

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