Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Baxter Scare

We have had two warmer days here.  Today the high was 55 and it was sunny in the afternoon.  Looking at the weather for the next few days I knew this would be our only chance to get outside.  After preschool we came home and ate and played.  Before nap we decided to go on a walk.  Bax was outside chasing his squirrels but wouldn't come in so I went ahead and got the boys all ready.  Park and Sawyer were buckled in the stroller and Coop was right by me.  When we were leaving Bax ran to the front yard.  He stays outside with the electric fence alot on nice days so I was just going to let him stay out.  As soon as we left the driveway Bax started whimpering and crying and then ran full speed out of the fence and did not stop.  I immediately started to panic.  He has never ever left the fence before!  I tried to call him but he would not stop.  I had my phone and quickly called Mom since he was running towards her street.  Then I tried Tom but he would not answer so I text " I need help" and then he called right back.  He said I'm on my way.  Immediately Coop started crying and kept saying, "I'm never going to see him again".  It was very scary.  Coop ran inside for a piece of cheese and his leash.  Then we started down the street.  Park was upset and Coop was hysterically crying and I was praying that Bax would be okay.  I was worried he would get hit by a car if he ran to 700.  Thankfully we got to the stop sign and Mom called.  She went out to the driveway and started calling for Bax and he ran right up her driveway and right past her into her garage.  He's been to her house so he knew where to go.  She shut the garage and had him, I was so relieved!!  Then Coop was crying because we didn't go on a walk so Mimi took the littles home and I took Bax and Coop on a walk.  Tom was already on his way home so he was able to check the fence.  He changed the battery and tightened the collar and I think he's fine now.  I was so thankful we got him back!

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Diane Freestone said...

Baxter just missed Mimi!! He is so cute!