Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on 10

Morning playtime with the little one.
Art by Cooper.
My dinner prep helpers.  We made a new recipe, chicken parmigiana that turned out great.
Start cleaning out my closet, it's bad!
Playtime with their new Switch n go dinos that are so much fun.
Brothers in nap, play time for Mommy and Sawyer.
Waiting for Bubby to get off the bus, Bax loves his big boy.
Homework and snack time.
Daddy's home and he brought a big box of tangelos, delicious!
Licking off the leftovers.
ten on ten button


Diane Freestone said...

We got a box of Honey Bell oranges, today....sooooo delicious! Love the photos!

Brooke said...

cute cute kidlets! i love their names, love that they all end in "r". my five boys' names end in "n". you're the only other momma i have seen name their kidlets like that, love it so.