Friday, January 4, 2013

Bowling Buddies

Friday was our last day of Christmas vacation.
We met the Potter family at Strike Force Lanes for bowling fun.
We picked Grant up on the way and he went with us too.  We missed his mom, who was at work, and his cute little sisters.
He was so excited to bowl!

Baylor loves bowling.
Maddy and Baylor still love hanging out together.
Jack and Coop are so funny.  They have very similar personalities:).
Sawyer went too and was such a good baby.  Parker had a play date with Mimi instead of bowling.  I wasn't sure I could watch him and Sawyer at the bowling alley.  He was excited to go to Mimi's and didn't want to leave.
Fun times!

Go Baylor!
Cute kids.
They were all begging to eat at the bowling alley but we had planned to eat at Dragon Palace so we made them wait.  They all enjoyed lunch and were so well behaved.  I know the people thought we were crazy when we walked in with 7 kids and 2 adults but they were great!
The lunch buffet is so tasty there and all of the kids ate tons.  It was a fun end to a great break!

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