Friday, January 4, 2013

First InstaFriday of 2013

1. Elfie gathered some friends for a game of UNO.
2. Saw's first Christmas.
3. Big boys headed to Yuletide.
4. Elfie left Parker a birthday present.
5. Happy 3rd birthday Park!
6. A tired birthday boy.
7. Bax has come a long way with Sawyer, he lays down next to him now.
8. Fun reindeer party at Mimi and Pop's house.
9. Gingerbread baby.
 1. Little elf.
2. Elfie found a strand of lights and was hanging from them.
3. Parker checking out Santa's entry point on Christmas Eve morning.
1. Parties are hard work.
2. Bax by the tree on Christmas Eve, waiting for no creatures stirring.
3. A new DS.
4. Coop got a skateboard.
5. Snow fun.
6. Notre Dame fans.
1. New games.
2. Decorating for Daddy's birthday.
3.  He's getting teeth!
4. Date night for Tom's birthday.
5. Baby it's cold outside.
6. Walking downtown.
7. Love him.
8. My eager helper.
9. Goodbye to our tree for another year.

 Love these hats.
 Happy New Year!

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