Monday, January 7, 2013

Baylor's School Christmas Party

Today was the first day back to school from Christmas break and it was also the Christmas party.  The last day of break was canceled because of snow so the parties were rescheduled for today.  I was in charge of the party and was at school for the fun.  Another parent in the class owns a printing company and had Santa shirts for the whole class.  First up the kids made two different ornaments.  The glitter glue was a hit once again.
After crafts we played holiday pictionary.
They loved drawing and guessing.  Everyone was a winner and they all got a huge pixie stick.
We passed out snack and the kids played Christmas Jingo while they ate.
They love Jingo.  We used red and green skittles as the markers and they were able to eat a few too.

All of the kids had fun and were so well behaved!
I had fun spending time with my big boy at school.  We passed out treat bags before they packed up and headed home.

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