Thursday, January 3, 2013

Into the Arctic and the Indiana State Museum

On Thursday we went with Mimi to the Indiana State Museum.  
The big Woolly Mammoth is always a favorite.
Lots of other skeletons.
Learning about Indians.
Parker was having fun.
Playing in the wigwam.
After playing at the museum and eating lunch we went to the IMAX to see Into the Arctic.
The boys were excited to see the movie.  The IMAX screen is huge and looks so real.  While Parker was watching there was a scene where the Polar Bears were swimming and Parker said I didn't bring my bathing suit.  He thought the water was real and we were going to swim too.
Coop smiled all through the movie.  He loved the Polar Bear cubs.
Mimi and Baylor sat by each other.
Sawyer was such a good baby and made it through the whole movie.

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