Friday, January 25, 2013

InstaFriday:January 25

 1. Sawyer loves looking at himself in our big mirror.
2. Digging for dinos.
3. Digging fun from Mimi.
4. A treat before the fast.
5. Sawyer isn't sucking his thumb as much since he has teeth but every once in a while.
6. He was worn out.
7. More napping in the sun.
8. I love taking picture of him asleep.  He's almost taking up the whole pack n play.
9. Little elephant.
 1. Eating is hard work.
2. Coop is so sweet with Bax.  They were both laying by the door looking at the backyard.
3. A mommy sandwich.
4. Pals.
5. 100 day at school.
6. 5 days of working out in a row.
7. My stretching partner.
8. Movie night with popcorn.  We watched Pete's Dragon, they loved it.
9. Baylor has two goals for this semester pass Math Club and States Club.  I have been playing States Bingo with him.
1. I was cleaning up the kitchen and had just fed him and I turned around and he was out.
2. Mom and I went to see this movie, it was good.
3. I needed this mug with Tom gone all week.
4. Passing the Valentine candy at Target was hard during the fast.
 1. Jammie day at preschool.
2. Woke up to snow flurries.
3. So thankful that Mimi did the preschool drop off so this little one could sleep in and stay warm and cozy.  Love to watch him sleep.
1. Saw this Harlem Globetrotter at the mall and Parker was amazed  He kept saying he's so tall.
2. Late night cuddles with Sawyer.
3. Baylor worked out with me too.

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Diane Freestone said...

I like the sleeping baby, too!