Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Upward Basketball Game of the Season

Today was game day, the first basketball game of the Upward season.  This year Baylor is on the Huskies.  He was excited for the game and was up early and ready to play.
He is #14.
It's fun to watch him play, he's always watching the score board.  He wants to win, I wonder where he got that trait from.
Baylor had a great defensive game.  He blocked a shot and his expression was so cute.
He played hard the whole game.
Go Baylor.
He also made two baskets.

He had some red cheeks.
He guarded two boys from his baseball team.  
I love Upward, it's been really good for Baylor.  Each week at half time there is a devotional and this week the topic was on self-control.  This is something we can all work on at our house:).

Great game Huskies!  They ended up tying 34-34.  He was worn out after the game!

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